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Established in Wanstead East London,
Bryony MacQueen set up Muriel & Me after 10 years of working as an
Art Editor on high fashion magazines
a design career that has spanned
15 years. She decided to go back to her first loves of illustration and printmaking, which give her designs a vintage feel while combining them with a contemporary twist.

Bryony MacQueen
Art director; quirky; vintage; creative; fashion; design-led prints; wedding stationery and children’s invites. Springsteen;
Oasis; Ryan Adams; Hockney; Horses

So, this is me! 

You may ask why 'Muriel & Me?' as a name. Well it is named after my Nana,
who was the inspiration behind my first collection of wedding invites. She often wore heavily patterned materials from the 50s, 60s and 70s, something which
I absolutely adored, so I am indebted to her in that respect
Not only am I a designer, but I'm also a lover of all things vintage as well, whether it be furniture, patterns, clothes or design. And who can't draw to music? It fuels every aspect of my design process from start to finish.  


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